The MSH RGB LED strip lighting is becoming a popular option for both residential and commercial spaces because of its efficiency. It’s also an affordable way to bring some style into your home or business with the many features that it offers!

RGB / RGBW LED Strip Features and Benefits

With the RGB LED Strip China from MSH you can take your design skills to a whole new level. These amazing strips come with various features and benefits that make them convenient for any project size or need! Some of their best secrets include:

High Quality

The strips are made with good quality materials that ensure long-lasting use.

Vibrant and rich colors

The RGB flexible LED strips can change colors.

Easy connection and installation

The strips come with connectors that make it easy to connect and install. There is no need for any special tools or skills.


MSH offers a 2-year warranty on rgb LED light strips.

Double Layer

The double-layer pure copper 2oz PCB makes the high power RGB LED strip durable.


The 5050 RGB strip produces the brightest light because it's so close together.

Why RGB LED Strips

Why Choose RGB LED Strips From MSH? Here are a Few Reasons Why our strip lights are the perfect choice for you:

RGB Dimmable LED Strip

Dimmable RGB LED strip lights are a great way to save power and adjust the brightness of your light to set the proper mood. With adjustable brightness, you can set it on a maximum or minimum level of brightness without compromising on its performance.

High-density RGB LED strip

The small RGB LED strip of MSH is the best option for brightening up dark corners and highlighting architectural designs. The high density of the lights on the strip ensures that you will get the brightest light possible.

RGB LED strip power supply

It is important to get a properly powered LED light for the best results. LED lights need a constant current source, and MSH provides both 12-volt RGB LED strips and 24 volts RGB LED strips. For maximum efficiency, it is recommended that you get 24V RGB lights.

RGB LED Strip Waterproof

The best way to light up your outdoor space is with our waterproof, flexible LED strips. These amazing devices can withstand rain or irrigation without losing power and they will still provide beautiful colors that you'll love! The ip65 model works well outside but shouldn't be submerged in water - while the68 makes an excellent choice if You want It come close enough for regular use inside too

RGB LED strip materials

With our 24V RGB flexible LED strip, you can enjoy beautiful lighting in any room without worrying about fire safety. Made up of a dual layer copper that's well-insulated and safe for kids or pets around the house to come into contact with; these strips also have low voltage so there isn't much risk involved when it comes down how quickly they'll overheat!

RGB LED strip color temperature

It is important to consider the lighting and color temperature when designing your space. For instance, warm colors such as red or orange will make a room feel more inviting while blue lights can create an air of professionalism in businesses during late hours where workers need their eyesight on task at all times!

With our dimmable LED strips, you can change the color of each individual pixel to match your mood. If it’s bedtime in bedroom then feel free toss on some soothing warm whites; if medical rooms need more blues than browns for detecting stains use cool daylight colors instead! Commercial spaces work best with high-quality light like 90+ CRI (color rendering index) LEDs so people won’t strain their eyes when looking at monitors or signs outdoors after dark hours

The following types of lighting are perfect for various applications:

Very warm: This type of light is perfect for bedrooms and interior applications where a warm, cozy atmosphere is desired.

Slightly warm: This type of light is great for areas that need a more energized environment while still needing a touch of warmth to highlight details, like museums, restaurants, art galleries, and other high-end spaces.

Warm white and cool white: These types of lights provide the perfect balance between cool and warm tones, making them ideal for use in retail fixtures and stores. They also provide an ideal lighting for continuous use without hurting the eyes.

Cool: The applications that require stimulating natural daylight find this type of lighting perfect such as industrial applications, photography, and filming.

RGB LED strip length

The number of LEDs on an LED strip will determine its brightness. You might not require too bright light, though; just make sure that your length has as many more lights with higher output than what you need for work or play!

The first layer of copper acts as the base core layer and the base circuit. The outer layer protects the core layer and enhances the structural integrity of the LED strip making it flexible. Some of the out areas of the copper remain exposed to make electrical contact but that does not affect your safety or your children’s safety in any way.

Our RGB LED strip has a thick coating of copper so that more electricity can flow through the LED strip and give out a bright light and lower the electrical resistance leading to heat buildup. It also helps in the fast dissipation of heat which makes our LED strips last longer. Copper is a good conductor of heat, and hence a thick layer of it helps transfer the heat away from the LEDs.

Applications of RGB LED Strip

The MSH strip light is the perfect way to add some ambiance and color to your home. These LED lights can be used by many different industries, like making an eventful place entertaining!

Give your restaurant a soothing atmosphere with the calming blue hues of our RGB LED lights.
Let the furniture glow with our LED RGB streifen lights. A colorful and lively display that will have your guests stopping in their tracks to take notice, these beautiful strips light up any room!
Chill out your restaurant by giving it a calming vibe with our blue and green LED lights that have an easy on/off switch.
With the RGB light strip, you can change your computer's color scheme with just a few clicks. No need to install any extra software or buy new cables!

Why Wholesale RGB LED Strips In Bulk From MSH

At MSH, we offer the best quality products, and here are a few reasons why you should buy wholesale RGB LED lights.

Certified strip quality

MSH's products are the highest quality and most efficient LED lighting on today’s market. Their rigorous testing process ensures that they will provide you with a long life, bright light in any situation!

A reasonable price

To select your strip, your way, you need not buy the full length of the LED strip. You can just have your desired size customized. You can also get your customized LED strip or a custom quote by filling up this form.

Optional full strip

The possibilities of LED lights are endless. You can buy as few or many as you want, and there's no minimum order quantity!

No minimum order quantity

You can order as many or as few LED strips as you want with MSH because there is no minimum order quantity.

Wholesale RGB LED Strips In Bulk

5050 60leds/m 12v rgb led strip

MSH’s high-quality RGB LED lights are not only bright and durable, but they can also be dimmed to set the perfect light for any occasion. Whether you’re looking at a computer screen or reading by candlelight in bed; our products will make your nighttime viewing enjoyable no matter what setting is chosen!


MSH double-layered protective material used to make safe LED lights, you can be assured that there will not be any risk of electrical shocks or overheating because our product has been customized for your requirements. You won’t have anything less than perfection when it comes from us!

MSH Quality LED Strip Light

With our wide variety of LED strip lights, you can present a thinner more flexible, and permanent lighting solution to fulfill all types from accent & task lightings up through party or event setups. We offer the pre-coated 3M tape for easy mounting as well as an aluminum profile that is compatible with most corners!

Superior Quality LEDs

Achieve the exact brightness, lighting effect and levels that are ideal for you.

Aluminum Backboard

The backboard of 2-4 ounce enables higher heat dissipation performance.

Easily Cuttable

Using a cutting tool to separate the strip light into any desired length.