COB LED Strips

The leading manufacturer of high-quality COB LED strips, MSH provides a variety of affordable and efficient LED Strips Lights options for consumers. 

Professional COB LED Strips Manufacturer

COB LED Strips Features and Benefits

The COB LED strip lights offer a single source of high-quality light with the ability to produce huge lumens.

 The striking features and benefits make it worth considering for any project!

2OZ Copper

The COB LED Strips with 2OZ Copper PCB, it no voltage drop, and more durable


The COB LED Strips can do dimmable.

Hight Brightness

The COB Strips offer high level brightness


MSH offers a 3-year warranty on COB LED light strips.

Easy Installation

The COB LED Strips is flexible and bend, it is easy to instal as your need way.

Color Efficiency

MSH COB LED Strips with high color efficiency

Why Buy COB LED Strips In Bulk From MSH

With MSH‘s COB LED strip, you can get the brightest and most durable lights for your home or business.

Here are a few advantages of using our products:

No Minimum MOQ

You can purchase as many LED lights from us without worrying about the minimum order quantity. We're here to help you find your perfect design and make it happen!

Certified-Strip Quality

We're committed to producing the highest quality LED Strips lights at a low cost. We test each step of our manufacturing process for perfection, making sure that you get an efficient LED strip with high efficiency and long life in return!

Full Strip Options

You can get a customized strip of any color and size that you desire. We just need to know the dimensions of your desired design, so we will deliver it at your doorstep!

Competitive price

Our LED strip lights are the most affordable and popular even if you don't buy them in bulk. However, buying a large amount can get discounted for special deals so it's worth checking out!

Applications of COB LED Strips

COB LED Strips provide a brilliant and efficient way of illuminating your home, restaurant or club. With their flexibility they can be used in countless ways to create stunning lighting effects!

Light up your game space with our COB LED strip for a true gaming experience.
Make a brilliant night lamp with MSH'sCOB LED strip. It can be used in a restaurant, an office, or even a home.
To have a quiet enjoyable evening with your friends and family, make the outdoors seem vibrant with our COB LED Strips.

Bulk COB LED Strip Wholesale

cob led light

With our wide variety of LED strip lights, you can present a thinner more flexible, and permanent

lighting solution to fulfill any task from accent or event lighting up to party & showtime illumination.

We offer pre-coated 3M tape orders as well as compatible aluminum profiles that make mounting these

aesthetically pleasing fixtures are easy for almost every corner of your space!

MSH Quality LED Strip Light

We have a large selection of LED strip lights to provide a thinner, more flexible,

and permanent lighting solution for accent and job lighting, as well as party and

event lighting. The lights can be readily fixed to any corner using pre-coated

3M tape or a corresponding aluminum profile.

Superior Quality LEDs

Assist in achieving the desired brightness, lighting effect, and lighting levels.

Aluminum Backboard

The higher backboard (2-4 ounces) allows for better heat dissipation.

Easily Cuttable

Cuts the strip light with ease to any length you need.