SMD5050 LED Strips

LED strips are becoming increasingly popular as more people recognize their durability, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. With dimensions of 5.0mm x 5.0mm, the 5050 RGBW LED strip is a popular choice in the LED industry.

SMD5050 LED Strips Features and Benefits

At MSH 5050 RGBW LED strip is the best in the market with various remarkable

features and benefits. The following are some of its best features:


The RGBW Strip with four colors (red, green, blue, and white) can be combined to create any color you want.

Energy Efficient

Our RGBW LED strip is very energy efficient and lasts a long time

Easy Cut

Our RGBW Strip comes in a variety of lengths and can be cut to fit any space

Small Size

Our LED 5050 strip light with 4 colors is small enough to carry and fit almost anywhere.

High Brightness

Our 5050 RGBW LED strip is a great way to light up any dark space

Why SMD5050 RGBW LED Strips

SMD5050 RGBW strip is a versatile and stylish lighting solution If you’re wondering why you should

use 5050 RGBW LED strips, and consider the following advantages:


Protective waterproof layering is applied to the 5050 LED strip lights, resulting in waterproof 5050 LED strips. This is useful for lighting up regions where there is a risk of water leaks or exposure to water, as well as places that are prone to dampness.


The 5050 RGBW LED lights are extremely bright and luminous. They can be utilized in situations that need high-precision work, such as operating rooms, industries, and other places where strong lighting is required. For a long time, the light distributes evenly around the space without dimming or flickering.


The 5050 LED strips are highly long-lasting and durable. They are highly luminous and bright, and may be utilized in both large and small spaces. You won't have to spend a lot of money on light replacements because MSH manufactures only high-quality items.


The built-in controller on the 5050 RGBW LED strip light allows you to regulate the color changes and configure it to several fun settings. You can select the color variations and brightness that best suit the mood you want to create in the environment.

Applications of LED Pixel Strip

RGBW LED Strip can be used for a variety of applications, including accent lighting, under cabinet lighting, task lighting, and more.

MSH's 5050 RGBW LED strip is extremely adaptable and compatible. They are highly bright and can be used to decorate huge venues like schools, retail malls, and auditoriums, among many others.
The 5050 LED light strip is a versatile lighting option that can be used for a variety of purposes, both indoors and outdoors. With its bright, energy-efficient light
Backlighting for advertisements and hoardings is also possible with our LED strip lights. It can also be utilized for a variety of more complex tasks, such as task lighting a stage.
One of the most appealing features of RGBW LED lights is their ability to produce a variety of colors. This is ideal for event lighting and administration.

Why Bulk Wholesale SMD5050 RGBW LED Strip From MSH

MSH takes pride in providing high-quality products. If you’re wondering why you

should buy our SMD5050 RGBW pixel tape in bulk, consider the following.

Certified strip quality

MSH's pixel strips are of excellent quality, having been thoroughly tested at each stage of production. This ensures maximum efficiency in all aspects of lighting.

A reasonable price

Our LED lights are available at a low wholesale price, making us one of the most popular wholesale LED strip sellers. Bulk orders are even more cost-effective.

Optional full strip

You have complete control over your strip. Get a full-sized LED strip and cut it to your specifications. MSH's fully adjustable strip options can be found here.

No minimum order quantity

You can order as many or as few LED strips as you want with MSH because there is no minimum order quantity.

Your Professional SMD5050 RGBW LED Strip Manufacturer

MSH SMD 5050 RGBW LED strip lights are no exception. MSH’s high-quality, long-lasting, and adaptable goods.

Different variants of SMD 5050 LED light strips are available. Our 5050 SMD LED light strips are available in a wide

range of colors, including RGB, white, warm white, and other white colors.


MSH strives to provide the finest LED experience possible. Every product is subjected to stringent quality control.

We offer high-quality 5050 RGBW LED strip lights that will illuminate any room or occasion. We can even assist

you to create your dream lighting project by customizing your orders.

MSH Quality LED Strip Light

We have a large selection of LED strip lights to provide a thinner, more flexible,

and permanent lighting solution for accent and job lighting, as well as party and

event lighting. The lights can be readily fixed to any corner using pre-coated

3M tape or a corresponding aluminum profile.

Superior Quality LEDs

Assist in achieving the desired brightness, lighting effect, and lighting levels.

Aluminum Backboard

The higher backboard (24 ounces) allows for better heat dissipation.

Easily Cuttable

Separate the strip light into any required length using cutting tools.