Addressable LED Strips

MSH is a prominent manufacturer of intelligent control addressable

RGB strips and LED pixel lights. For their high efficiency and

low voltage power, we sell popular LED strips such as the WS2812 and WS2815.

Addressable LED Strip Features and Benefits

Because of its superb features and benefits, MSH’s programmable RGB LED strip

allows you to create gorgeous lighting effects.Some of its best features are as follows:

Individual Controls

Allows each LED to show many colors at the same time.


The pixel stripe is fully dimmable

Dynamic Lighting

The IC LED strip can form dynamic lighting effects like a rainbow, meteor, etc.


MSH offers a 2-year warranty on programmable LED light strips.


The RGB LED pixel lights can be modified to give each segment its own color effect.

Strip Kits

LED strip kits can be made with Digitale LED strips.

Why Individually Addressable LED Strips

MSH creates solutions like Digitale LED strips that are extremely adaptable

and provide numerous benefits. Consider the benefits of an addressable white LED strip.


The MSH pixel tape lights are waterproof since they are protected by a protective coating. This function is useful for hanging lights in situations where water leakage or open water is a concern. They are ideal for outdoor use because they can endure the rain.


The RGB LED pixel tape emits a lot of light and is very long-lasting. It's becoming more common in lighting applications to produce high levels of illumination. Despite their enormous power, they can persist for lengthy periods of time before becoming dim.


The RGB pixel strips are extremely bright because to the near proximity of the LEDs, which produces high-density light. They can be used in areas that emphasize high-precision work. You may use them to brighten even the darkest areas because they emit twice as much light as ordinary lights.


Individual LEDs on addressable LED strips can be individually adjusted to show varying brightness and colors. You may even change the modes to match the mood of the area. You may dim the lights for a romantic evening or crank them up for task illumination.

Applications of LED Pixel Strip

Programmable LED strips can be controlled to create a variety of color effects. Our MSH LED pixel RGB flexible strip is extremely adaptable and may be used to create stunning lighting effects in your home, restaurant, or club.

Light up your game space with our RGB LED strip controllable pixel lights for a true gaming experience.
Make a brilliant night lamp with MSH's clever RGB LED strip. It can be used in a restaurant, an office, or even a home.
To have a quiet enjoyable evening with your friends and family, make the outdoors seem vibrant with our digital addressable RGB LED flexible strip.

Why Wholesale Addressable LED Strips In Bulk From MSH

MSH takes pride in providing high-quality products. If you’re wondering why you

should buy our RGB pixel tape in bulk, consider the following.

Certified strip quality

MSH's pixel strips are of excellent quality, having been thoroughly tested at each stage of production. This ensures maximum efficiency in all aspects of lighting.

A reasonable price

Our LED lights are available at a low wholesale price, making us one of the most popular wholesale LED strip sellers. Bulk orders are even more cost-effective.

Optional full strip

You have complete control over your strip. Get a full-sized LED strip and cut it to your specifications. MSH's fully adjustable strip options can be found here.

No minimum order quantity

You can order as many or as few LED strips as you want with MSH because there is no minimum order quantity.

Wholesale High-Quality Addressable LED Strips In Bulk


MSH is a reliable and efficient lighting manufacturer that produces high-quality products.

Our products are long-lasting, versatile, and affordable, making them the perfect choice

for your next lighting project. With MSH, you can easily set up your dream lighting

project according to your specific needs and desires. We value customer

satisfaction and strive to provide the best possible service and products.

Contact us today to get started!

MSH Quality LED Strip Light

With our wide variety of LED strips, you can present a thin and flexible solution that is both permanent

in function as well aesthetically pleasing. The pre-coated 3M tape or compatible aluminum profile allows

for easy mounting at any corner with minimal effort from your end!

Superior Quality LEDs

With the help of our professional team, you can achieve exact brightness and lighting effect just for your specific need.

Aluminum Backboard

The highly innovative backboard design of 2-4 ounces enables higher heat dissipation performance.

Easily Cuttable

To achieve an exact length, cut the strip light with cutting tools.