How to Build Your Own LED Neon Signs


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How to Build Your Own LED Neon Signs 

 LED lamps produce light by passing an electric current through a light-emitting diode. LED lamps are the preferred light source for the following reasons.

They consume less electricity.

They last longer than other types of lights.

They give off less heat because they have heat dissipation.

They can be designed to perform many applications.

They are more efficient than other types of lights.

These are good reasons to choose LED lights to solve all your lighting problems. When it comes to versatility, led lights can easily be designed as more flexible light bars. LED strips perform a variety of functions and this article will focus more on how LED strips can be used for signage purposes.

Led Strip Lights

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LED strips are a relatively new and adaptable lighting option. There are various variations and exceptions, but they all have the following qualities in the majority of cases.

  • Consists of a number of individual LED emitters mounted on a narrow, flexible circuit board
  • It is powered by a low-voltage DC supply.
  • Colors and brightnesses are available in a variety of fixed and variable options.
  • Long reels (usually 16 ft/5 m) are delivered with double-sided tape for mounting and can be cut to length.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are light-emitting diodes that are mounted to aluminum strips or flexible circuit boards. They are energy-efficient and come in a number of colors and brightness levels. LED strips come in lengths up to 5 meters, and you can cut them into different lengths depending on your needs. LED strips are frequently mass-produced and can be purchased in bulk from wholesalers.

Rigid and flexible led strips are the two types of led strip lights available. The circuit board for flexible led strips is usually a flexible printed circuit board. They are extremely thin and may curve at any angle. They are also extremely curvature resistant, allowing them to be easily mounted to curved surfaces.

On the other hand, rigid strip lights use rigid printed circuit boards. It’s vital to remember that printed circuit boards aren’t conductive, thus you can only utilize printed conductive wires. Flexible strip lights are just as simple to install as rigid strip lights. The only difference is that they are difficult to bend. As a result, flexible LED strips are better suited for advertising and signage purposes, as they can be bent to any shape.

Application Of Led Strip Lights

LED strips have a wide range of uses and have shown to be quite useful for both commercial and non-commercial applications. These are a few of the uses for led strips.

Accent lighting: LED strips are utilized in hotel rooms, parties and events, and even our homes to create an atmosphere. To portray a distinct tone, several colors and brightness levels might be used. They’re also better for this because of their customizable brightness levels.

LED strips can be used for a variety of purposes, including task illumination. They illuminate the contents of cabinets and shelves by acting as lights. They’re also utilized on escalators and stair railings for safety reasons. Building outlines are also displayed using LED strips. Signage with LED strips is also used to guide people.

Backlighting: In events and movies, LED strips are also employed as background lighting. They’re also used to light up televisions.

Led strips are used for decorating and advertising because of their flexibility. They may be modified to fit any shape and come in a variety of colors. They can be found in storefronts, stores, and mall displays, where they illuminate the text. They’re also eye-catching thanks to their brilliant hues, which will draw more customers to your restaurant.

In addition to utilitarian lighting, LED strips are frequently used for decorative or advertising purposes. LED strips are ideal for the job because of their variety of light colors, adaptability, and adjustable brightness. As previously said, the focus of this essay will be on the signage and advertising uses of LED strips, with a particular emphasis on LED strip signs.

Led Strip Sign

In the world of advertising and signage, LED strip signs are frequently utilized. Advertisements are created with the goal of attracting more people or consumers to a specific company or group. Each company or organization includes a name and contact information, as well as information on the products and services they provide. Strips can be used by owners to draw attention to this information among potential customers. People can be guided or given precise directions using LED strips for signs.

For businesses in the advertising industry, LED strips are affixed to signs or block lettering fixtures. LED strips can also be used to illuminate signage that directs customers to the location of a business. As a result, the signage strip lights should not be excessively bright so that those with photosensitive epilepsy are not affected.

LED strip sign lights are used to identify subway stops and even traffic signals. Signs LED strips have effectively replaced the traditional halogen lights traditionally used in signage, as you will notice. Strip signs can be mounted around letter blocks or any other fixture due to their adjustable nature. The worldwide appeal of LED strip signage has prompted established LED strip manufacturers MSHLED and others to begin distributing their products internationally.

The Best Types Of Led Strip Lights For Signage

LED strips are LED light strips that are applied to signs and fixtures to make them more visible and eye-catching. As a result, when attempting to configure the best strips for signs, we must consider the best types of strips to utilize. The LED strip kinds listed below are the finest for constructing public and commercial sign displays.

1)Flexible LED strip that twinkles

2)Govee LED Light Bar 3)2835 LED Strip

4)LED strips for highlights

Flex LED strip that twinkles: Twinkly flex is without a doubt the best-LED strip for signage. To shield sensitive eyes from the strip’s glare, the strips are contained in a tube. They can be operated remotely, allowing for brightness adjustments and switching between modes.

They are available in lengths up to 2 meters and can be altered to accommodate any sign or ornamental shape. They have a 312-year lifespan, making them incredibly cost-effective. They’re also covered for up to a year by a warranty.

SMD 2835 led strips are available in lengths of up to 5 meters. Because it is weatherproof, it can be used as an LED strip for outdoor signs. They’re also quite powerful, creating dazzling light that can be seen from afar. This means that a large number of people will be able to see the commercial sign display, which will help your company.

The product includes a controller that allows the owner to effortlessly change the brightness of the light. LED light bars can be used in a variety of ways. They are also used to backlight TVs and for ornamental applications in addition to strip signage. The 2835 LED strips are sold at a low cost.

Govee LED strips: Govee is a well-known light strip producer. They’re available in lengths up to 5 meters, with extension strips available for greater lengths. This makes them ideal for large display signage, and they can be controlled via an app that allows users to choose from a variety of brightness settings and colors to suit their mood. The company also makes a range of personalized LED strips, ranging from TV backlight strips to Bluetooth LED strips, all of which are tailored to your musical preferences. The strips are long-lasting and inexpensive.

Strips of Hitlights can be up to 5 meters long, are waterproof, and have a high density. Hitlights strips are an excellent choice for LED light bar signs because of their unique qualities. They can be used as outdoor signs and emit light up to 6000K. These lights are simple to install, saving you money on the cost of hiring an expert to do the job. They contain a particular adhesive that enables them to adhere to any surface under any situation. They also last longer and come with a 6-year extended guarantee.

How To Build A Led Strip Sign

Many things appear to be tough and difficult to comprehend and implement, yet in reality they are not. These abilities will offer you a sense of self-reliance and motivate you to be more independent if you learn and apply them. We’ll walk you through the steps to make your own LED strip signs in the comfort of your own home or office.

The difficult part is that most of us know how LED strips are created. The easiest step is connecting the strips to the fittings. The majority of strips are flexible and can be trimmed to fit any space, allowing them to be attached to a sign or other advertising fixture. Here are some things to think about when designing LED strip lights for signage and advertising.

Length: Select the appropriate LED strip for your needs. For example, if an LED strip sign only requires 1 meter of LED strip, don’t buy a 5-meter strip.

Adjustability: Look for a light strip that can be bent to fit any form. It should be extremely adaptable. You will be able to mould them into any shape you like as a result of this.

Durability: Because led lights are renowned to last a long time, choose a long-lasting led strip. Choose a weatherproof strip light as well, as this will ensure that your strip sign lasts a long time.

The most significant characteristic is the quality and price. Invest in a high-quality light strip. This ensures that your LED strip sign is visible. Don’t overspend when looking for the greatest quality light strips; instead, buy what you can afford.


LED strip signs are slowly but steadily becoming a common sight in the advertising industry. The neon halogen and incandescent lights that were previously utilized for advertising signs have been replaced by LED neon lights. They’re everywhere, in fact, as they’re even utilized for traffic signals. This post will show you how to make your own LED strip signs as well as the best strip lights for strip signs.


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